A potential car buyer demands for a vehicle which is clean and in which it doesn’t seem like it had a previous owner. So if you are to sell your car you better make it look clean from the exterior and interior too. Pay attention to the details of your car yourself. This will surely pay you off. Here are some of the life hacks which can help you in cleaning your car especially when you are ready for a trade in.

1. Handy Tools:

For cleaning the interior details of your car, you might need a tooth brush or a paint brush which can be regarded as cleaning wands. Dip these in soapy water and rub the places of your car like the dash board. The tooth brush can be used to get dirt and crumbs out from the seams of your seat covers. A clean brush can be used to clean the car knobs, buttons and the AC vents. Cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol can also be used to make the interior car parts shine.

2. Car Lights:

Rubbing toothpaste on the car lights can make them look clean and shiny. A window cleaner can
also be used.

3. Conditioner:

The bathroom stuff can be used to clean your cars too. Shampoo your car seats with diluted all-purpose cleaner. Use a sponge, a scrub brush or washcloths for rubbing. On the other hand if you wash your car exterior with a conditioner having lanolin, it definitely will show you a freshly waxed look and it will repel rain too.

4. Wiper blades:

If the wiper blades are not clean they might leave marks on the windscreen. You can either clean the blades with cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or make a solution of house hold ammonia to one quarter cold water. Dip a piece of towel or soft cloth in this solution and wipe off the dirt on the blades. Make sure you dry the blades before putting them in place.

5. Car mats

Clean your car mats by spraying stain remover all over them and then wash them in washing machine. Or you can make a mixture of 3tbsp graded soap, 2tbsp borax, 10 drops lavender essential oil which is optional for a good smell and 2 cups boiling water. Then take a stiff scrub brush, dip it in this cleaner and rub onto the mat or whatever part of your car needs cleansing.

6. Interior and exterior glass:

They can be cleaned using a glass cleaner or a DIY cleanser can be made for this purpose which includes 1/4 th cup household ammonia to one quarter water. Put this solution in a bottle with a tight cap or a spray bottle. Use it whenever the windshield or windows get dirty and then dry it with a soft cloth.

7. Baking soda cleanser

Another homemade cleanser involves the use of baking soda which can be used to wash any part of the car. For this, add 1/4 th cup baking soda in a gallon sized jug, add 1/4 th cup dishwashing liquid and then fill the container to the top. When car cleaning is required take one cup of this cleanser and dilute it with 2 gallon water.

8. Tire cleaning:

Spray the tires and the rims with a hose and use a tire cleaner or a car soap. Rub them with a

9. Water patches:

To avoid the water patches on the exterior of the car, don’t let it air dry after the wash rather dry it with a clean soft towel or use a clay bar to remove those particles which water cannot clean. This gives a long lasting shine to the car.

10. Engine cleaning:

Give your engine a clean look too. Start your car’s engine for about 3 min and then turn it off. Make sure not to heat it up to the extent that you cannot touch it later. Then after about 5 min, pour a mixture of one fourth cup baking soda and one gallon hot water on it. Then brush and rub the engine thoroughly and carefully. Rinse later with clean water.