• Your application is never sold to the highest bidder or solicited to a so-called dealer partner unlike most of the financing services offered on the internet. The majority of the ads you will see on the internet and social media generate what is called a lead, which is then sold to the highest bidder who will be a dealership looking to find new business.

  • This is why you see so many finance companies promising the consumer unrealistic expectations. It’s just to get your information to be SOLD. The problem with this approach is there is no accountability to the dealership to insure they have done everything possible to get you, the consumer, approved.

  • This forces the dealership to make more profit to cover the cost of all the applications they have purchased and were unsuccessful with. When they can’t help you, another advertisement or sponsored ad appears on your social feed, and you try again with another company this time hoping for different results. This process is then repeated over and over again until there is nothing any dealership or lending institution can do.