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Get Approved for Winnipeg Subprime Vehicle Financing

We know that everyone’s situation is different, unique and probably a little tumultuous. Everyone has ups and downs with finances, and we’re here at UB Driving to help you get back on track. No matter what has happened in the past, we think that everyone deserves their dream vehicle. That’s why we offer subprime financing to start rebuilding your credit. We can work with everyone, no matter the credit situation.

What is Subprime Financing?

Subprime financing is for those with bad or no credit scores. Subprime financing means that you can get vehicle credit right away, though at a higher interest rate. Most subprime lenders are not traditional financial institutions, but don’t let that scare you off. These lenders for the most part are here to help you get back on your feet.

Who is Subprime Financing For?

Subprime financing is for those in less than stellar financial situations. This means whether you’ve previously settled a bankruptcy, missed some payments, or defaulted on a loan you may qualify for subprime financing. Subprime financing is also a great way to start rebuilding your credit and getting away from the mistakes you made in the past.

Before You Decide on Subprime Financing in Winnipeg

Before you decide to get a vehicle through subprime lending you need to consider if you are ready to take on another loan. You need to look at your current finances and your budget and ensure that your new vehicle loan doesn’t make your finances too difficult. The last thing you want to have happen is to not be able to adequately manage your new subprime lending in Winnipeg.

Rebuilding Your Credit Through Subprime Financing in Winnipeg

One of the best things about subprime lending in Winnipeg and getting a vehicle loan is that it is great for credit rebuilding. Why is this though? Well your credit score is made up of two main things: your payment history and your debt-to-income ratio. Your payment history is 35% of your credit score, this means that with every payment you make on time and in full your credit score will increase. This is a great way to rebuild your credit in Winnipeg.

Start Your Application Today!

Ready to start your journey to credit rebuilding and subprime financing? Start by filling out our online application and giving us a little information about yourself. From there one of our amazing members of the finance team at UB Driving will be in touch. A lot of the time you will hear from us on the same day! We are excited to help you rebuild your credit in Winnipeg, Dauphin, Thompson, The Pas and Portage La Prairie.