The best thing you can do this summer season is plan a road trip with your friends. You can easily get rid of the humidity of the summer by unlimited fun on a road trip. But what are the essentials of a road trip? What are the things you need to have while going for a road trip in summer? Here’s a list of the 10 things you need before leaving for your road trip.

1.  Cooler

Summers are hot and humid. When going for a road trip in the summer, you definitely need to have a cooler with you where you can put water bottles, juices and even ice cream. This will help to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration can spoil your road trip fun, so take a cooler with you.

2.  Wet Wipes

You must have wet wipes with you if you are going for a road trip in the summer. Summer is known for sweat, and wet wipes will help you get clean and will provide you with some kind of coolness.

3. Maps

Maps are essential for any road trip. Whether you are planning it in the summer or winter, you need to have a map app on your smartphone. It will not be a good experience for you if you have to take the long route in the hot summer weather.

4. Travel Mug

This is for the people who rely on coffee to stay awake. While driving the car, you need to be attentive at all times. Having this travel mug will enable you to have your caffeine so that you can get through the day. So, keep a travel mug with you, and stay hydrated or caffeinated.

5. Cargo Box

You might not be taking as much clothes with you as you would in winter, but there are many other things that you will carry along with you on a summer road trip, such as tents, sleeping bags, etc. Storage will be an issue in this case, and a cargo box will solve your problem for much needed storage.

6. Shades

If you are going for a summer trip in the daylight, the bright sunlight can affect your eyes and you will find it difficult to drive in such brightness. Always take sun glasses with you to protect your eyes from the light.

7. Music Playlist

Select the best rock songs for your road trip. You will be entertained throughout the trip. Selecting your favourite songs for the trip will keep you attentive and eliminate chances of boredom.

8. Charger Cable

You cell phone is important while on a road trip as you are carrying maps and your favourite playlist in your phone. Your phone should remain charged throughout the day. Pack a travelling charger along with you, so in case your phone battery dies, you will be able to recharge it. You can also take a phone mount on the trip, as it will help you to see the maps easily and will not disturb your focus on the road.

9. Emergency Kit

This is a must have on any road trip. Always keep an emergency kit with you. In case your car breaks down at a place where there is no mechanic available, you can use this kit to make your car reach the closest repair shop. Keep jumper cables, a tire jack and flashlights with you. A first aid kit is also a good idea.

10. Your Best Buddy

There will be unlimited fun if you go on a road trip with your best buddy. You can take turns driving and napping, and the time spent together will make for an unforgettable time.