Manitoba is located in central Canada and holds tons of must see tourist destinations. Although it is often overlooked as a tourist point, those who have experienced its unmatchable natural beauty and festivals know the real worth of Manitoba. From enjoying the famous winter festivals to watching polar bears in the wild, it is a fabulous experience. Let’s take a look at top 6 tourist destinations Manitoba offers.

The Forks

The Forks is a historic site in Downtown Winnipeg. It is located at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red river. With four million visitors annually, the forks is a number 1 tourist destination of Winnipeg. Its historic buildings now present the view of lovely shopping and dining area. Whether it is winter or summer, the Forks is a beautiful spot to have the delightful experience of hospitality. Moreover, The Forks also possesses the Manitoba Children’s Museum and the beautiful Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

Polar Bears of Churchill

If you are into polar bears, then Churchill is the must see place for you. Named as the “polar bear capital of the world”, it is located on the coast of Hudson Bay. Tourists come to see the polar bears in autumn when they come to hunt seals in the bay. In addition to that, the Eskimo Museum, Fort Prince of Wales National Historic site and of course the display of northern lights surely make Churchill amazing.

Canadian Museum of Human Rights

The recent addition to Winnipeg’s attraction is The Canadian Museum of Human Rights. The structure of the museum makes it a unique building due to Canadian landscape design. Apart from that, it’s interesting how the museum describes the stories of human rights issues with different themes and perspectives. The in-depth planning and research about which stories should be told are a sign how important this museum is.

Grand Beach

The Grand Beach is one of the best beaches in Canada, located at 1-hour drive from Winnipeg. The sun seekers love to hang out here due to the soft sand beach it offers on the shore of Lake Winnipeg. Moreover, tons of cottage rentals and motels are available for accommodation. Visit to have the best beach experience here.

Riding Mountain National Park;

The Riding Mountain National Park holds a combination of natural reserves and recreation area. The park offers varied landscape possessing forests and amazingly clear lakes. Some of the famous lakes include Clear Lake, Deep Lake and Lake Catherine which are also a popular fishing point. Moreover, you can also watch a herd of Buffalo roaming freely from the look-out.

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba in Gimli

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba takes place every year in August in a small town Gimli. Located on the northern shores of Lake Winnipeg, it is an hour’s drive from the capital. The festival commemorates the Icelandic history and culture brilliantly. Furthermore, the famous Viking Statue is a must- visit landmark to visit.